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One of the best things about being an author is sharing your ideas, philosophies, and frameworks with readers around the world. One of the most frustrating things about being an author is that your readers don't usually have an easy way to interact with you outside the pages of the book . . . until now!

I would love to join you in your journey, and while it will be great to have you read the book, I really want you to experience the book!

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Dear Reader:

Thank you for purchasing Never Lose an Employee Again! Or picking it up in the bookstore and opening to this page to get a feel for the writing. Or scanning the sample pages online to see what the book is all about. Regardless of how you ended up here—welcome! I'm honored to spend some time with you, and please don't worry—if you purchase the book and you don't like it, I will personally buy it back from you (there is a 100 percent refund guarantee coming at the end of this letter, so stay tuned).


I've spoken to tens of thousands of business leaders, owners, entrepreneurs, and employers over the last thirty years. Across enterprises of all sizes, operating in every imaginable industry, on all seven continents—most share a common complaint:

I wish my employees cared as much about the business as I do.

I've heard the lamentations of owners when employees left customers stranded because it "wasn't their job" to solve the problem.

I've consoled entrepreneurs when valuable team members resigned during the high season without seeming to understand the impact it would have on the rest of their coworkers.

I've watched managers hustle to make things right after a staff member carelessly interacted with a customer.

Each of these leaders had a common refrain . . .

I wish my employees cared as much about the business as I do.

If you've ever said that . . . or even just thought it . . . I can empathize with you.

I was a lawyer, and I wanted the paralegals who worked for me to care about the firm as much as I did. I was a creative director, and I wanted the designers I employed to care as much about the agency as I did. I was a consultant, and I wanted the associates I hired to care as much about the practice as I did. I often thought:

I wish my employees cared as much about the business as I do.

In hundreds of situations, I've thought it. In thousands of situations, I've felt it. In more situations than I'm proud of, I've said it.

And then, while researching this book, I had a revelation. The solution to this perennial problem was right in front of me. Now, when a leader, owner, entrepreneur, or employer of any kind says to me, I wish my employees cared as much about the business as I do, I respond:

Your employees wish you cared as much about them as you do about the business.

Now before you object, let me be clear. I'm not judging you. I'm willing to bet that you actually care a LOT about your employees. You think about them morning, noon, and night. You think about your current employees, your past employees, and your future employees who haven't been hired yet. You think about meeting payroll, covering benefits, giving bonuses, and growing the team. You think about keeping employees inspired, engaged, and retained. You think about their life outside work, their families, their pets, and their loved ones.

But here's the problem...


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